Welcome to calorieOS

"calorieOS allows you to track your consumed carbs,other macros as well as calories by searching a large database of foods or taking a picture. The carb counter will help you reach your keto goals faster. Track your burned calories and keep a tab on your calorie deficit or surplus throughout the day. CalorieOS acts as a calorie calculator. Meditation exercises and videos help you fall asleep faster and sleep better, reduce anxiety, and much more. A large and ever growing catalogue of yoga exercise videos and fitness exercise videos such as fat burning, power and dumbbell workouts keep you active and fit. If during the day you notice a calorie surplus you can simply choose an exercise video or yoga video and reduce the surplus. All video catalogues such as Yoga exercise videos, Meditation exercise videos and fitness exercise videos are constantly being updated. calorieOS integrates with the Health app to track your steps using the pedometer. The counted steps are automatically converted into burned calories."

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